Strawberry Harvest

Opening Times

Monday9am - 5pm
Tuesday9am - 5pm
Wednesday9am - 7pm
Thursday9am - 7pm
Friday9am - 5pm
Saturday9am - 5pm
Sunday9am - 5pm


Monday - Friday.

Entrance to the Picking Fields and Playground is free during the week until further notice. You do not need a ticket. You must pay for what you pick and there is no eating permitted on the picking fields. Discounts for over 1kg, over 5 Kg strawberries.

We offer various trails during the year. If you wish to walk around the farm trails, the Secret Woodland Walk (0.5km) , the 250,000 sunflowers, the 16,000 pumpkins and the farm animals, it requires a £2 ticket for each child over 1 year old. We keep a supply of trail maps for children.

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday every visitor will need a £2 ticket to enter the farm whether it is to pick, play, meet friends or visit the trail unless you are visiting the farm shop. You can stay all day provided you use the farm cafe which supplies tea, coffee, ice creams, shakes, smoothies, toasties, sandwiches and cakes.

About Us

Bourne Valley Fruit Farm is an established family farm which was created 25 years ago by Wyndham and Bridget Culley, and is now run by Dan and Kerry.

The Farm is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty near the idyllic village of St Mary Bourne.

You can taste the difference!

We carefully choose out fruit and vegtable varieties for flavour - You can taste the difference. Because you pick it , you get 100% freshness with 0% air miles or packaging, therefore being healthy for you and your family and the environment.

If you don't want to pick your own we have a farm shop open from May until October with ready picked fruit and vegetables as well as locally produced guernsey cream, home made jam and ice creams. See us at local farmers markets as well.

Please check our crop updates or contact us for crop availability. We can ready pick fruit for events such as weddings, bbq's etc., and are always happy to help.